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About USS Auto Auction

Advantage of USS Auto Auction

Many firms have become members and participate in our auto auctions thanks to the vast number of vehicle consignments we have, and the huge amount of information we provide. These strengths were realized by combining our abundant know-how about on-site auctions with the latest digital technology. Our strength is fully expressed by three keywords: "SPEED," "POWER" and "NETWORK."

  • We handle everything speedily,from the seaching of infomation to the transportation of goods once contracts have been completed.

    • We assess the vehicles put up for auction and give them a score on our 10-grade scoring system, using our original, strict inspection system.
    • Information about the vehicles put up for auction is made into databases to allow information to be searched in real time.
      * Information is provided through the "CIS Information Service" Internet information service for members.
    • More than 50,000 vehicles on average are put up for auction every week. It only takes about 20 seconds to complete a contract on a vehicle after the vehicle is put to the hammer.
    • Once contracts have been completed, the various procedures that need to be followed are taken very quickly.
    • Vehicles are transported to any location in the country using USS's logistics service.
  • Strictly checked without compromise by professionals

    Strictly checked without compromise by professionals

  • We lead the used vehicle market with our overwheimingly large market share.

    • Number of vehicle consignments: about 2.35 million; number of completedcontracts: 1.50 million (both figures are for fiscal year ended March 2017)
    • Total number of members: 47,111 companies (As of March 31, 2017)
    • Market share in the auto auction industry: 32.5% (Results from January, 2016 to period of December)
  • Tokyo auction site

  • We have a substantial network that lets our members take part in auctions from anywhere in the country.

    • USS operates on-site auctions in 17 locations across the country, from Hokkaido in the north down to Kyushu.
    • We provide a "Globe Network" service to connect 17 on-site auctions with 13 affiliate Auction Site Locations via satellite.
    • We also operate an "Internet Live" service to connect on-site auctions over the Internet.
  • USS satelite TV terminal