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Efforts of USS

As an effective use of resources as well as a means for an environmental protection, End-of-Life vehicles recycling attracts more public attention.

USS has determined to tackle the environmental problems by focusing on reusable vehicle auctions and stimulating the distribution market of older vehicles with high mileage.

Reusable vehicle auctions

Reusable vehicle auctionsUSS started holding "reusable vehicle auctions" for older-model, high mileage cars at the Nagoya auction site in August 2003. Reusable vehicle auctions are expanding to USS auction sites across the country, backed by the larger-than-expected number of vehicles put up for auction and overwhelmingly strong support from our members.
USS opened the "USS-R Nagoya" site, Japan's first auction site dedicated to reusable vehicles, in June 2004. It has established a system that makes it easy for older-model, high mileage cars to be put up for auction by invigorating reusable vehicle auctions through the reduction of consignment fees and transport costs.

Reusable vehicle auctions

Dismantling and recycling used vehicles

Dismantling and recycling used vehiclesUSS established the recycling company "Arbiz Co., Ltd.," through a business partnership with Sano Maruka Corporation, which has expertise in dismantling and recycling used vehicles.
We aim to establish a new business model that covers a range of areas from reusable vehicle auctions to dismantling, reusing, and recycling vehicles as resources.

Arbiz Co., Ltd.

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