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Corporate Information

Corporate Profile

Head Office
Company Name USS Co., Ltd.
Head Office 507-20 Shinpo-machi, Tokai-shi, Aichi Prefecture 476-0005 Japan Access Map
Representatives President and Representative Director : Yukihiro Ando
Capital 18,881 million yen
Established October 29, 1980
Number of Employees Full-time employees: 583; part-time employees: 119
(Group basis) full-time employees: 1,032; part-time employees: 188* The figure for part-time workers is the average over the term (assuming a working day of seven hours and 30 minutes).
Business Management of used vehicle auction
Number of members On-site auction members: 47,111
Satellite auction members: 2,894
Internet auction members: 29,966
Used vehicle purchasing shops: 169 (including 22 direct shops)
* Figures for members are on a group-wide basis.

(As of March 31,2017)

Management Policies

Challenge to Next Stage

1.We will become a diversified used car distribution organization that is a valued member of society.

2.We will become an organization that is trusted by customers and the public.

3.We will become an organization that leverages all of its strengths to adapt to changes in our markets.

4.We will build a team of self-reliant individuals who can continue the USS Group´s growth for many more years.

5.We will incorporate the interests of shareholders in our operations.

Corporate Governance

USS Co., Ltd. on December 15, 2015 established the undermentioned Fundamental Policy for Corporate Governance for the purpose of defining the fundamental thinking and framework regarding corporate governance for USS and its subsidiaries.

Fundamental Corporate Governance Policy of the USS Group

Business Domains

USS is pushing forward with the revitalization of the used vehicle distribution market, with its auto auction business as the core.

Business Domains

Auction business

USS smoothly distributes used vehicles by running used vehicle auctions.
It holds the mainstay on-site auctions at 17 Auction Site Locations across the country, satellite auctions and Internet auctions. Our membership stood at 47,111 firms at the end of March 2017. With a market share of over 30% (Results January - December 2016 : 32.5%) in the used vehicle auction industry, USS is Japan's largest auto auction company.

Used vehicle purchasing and selling business

With auto auctions, it is important to win the confidence of the members by boosting both the number of vehicle consignments and the number of completed contracts.
Auto auctions only become lively when people who want to buy or sell cars can get together with many people who are looking for vehicles to buy.
To secure as many high-quality used vehicles as possible, USS operates "Rabbit," a used car purchasing chain unique to the USS Group that has bases all over the country.

Recycling business

Before to the enforcement of the Vehicle Recycling Law, USS set up Auction Site Locations dedicated to reusable vehicles, which handle older-model/high mileage vehicles.
Vehicles sold at such Auction Site Locations are utilized in various ways, both at home and abroad. USS also scraps unsold vehicles at the request of their owners to recycle them as rebuilt auto parts, raw materials or solid fuel.

Management Team

Title Duties Name
President and Representative Director Yukihiro Ando
Representative Vice President Dai Seta
Executive Vice President Manager of Tokyo Auction Site Motohiro Masuda
Executive Vice President Officer of the Supervisory Office Masafumi Yamanaka
Senior Managing Director Manager of Kyushu Auction Site Toshio Mishima
Senior Managing Director Officer of the Auction Operation Office Masayuki Akase
Junior Managing Director Manager of Osaka-Kobe Auction Site Hiromitsu Ikeda
Director Hitoshi Tamura (Outside)
Director Akihiko Kato (Outside)
Director Mitsuhiro Aso (Outside)
Full-time Corporate Auditor Shinji Ozaki
Corporate Auditor Toru Niwa (Outside)
Corporate Auditor Ryoichi Miyazaki (Outside)
Executive Officer Manager of Sapporo Auction Site Yukiyasu Sugata
Executive Officer Manager of Gunma Auction Site Eiichi Arai
Executive Officer Manager of Okayama-Shikoku Auction Site Seiichi Kaneda
Executive Officer Manager of Fukuoka Auction site Yasuhisa Koga
Executive Officer General Manager of Internet Department Hiroshi Kojima

(As of June 13, 2017)

Group Companies

Company Name Location Main Business Equity Interest
USS Co., Ltd. Tokai City, Aichi Operation of used car auction
US Butsuryu Co., Ltd. Tokai City, Aichi Transport service of motor lorry 100%
USS Support Service Co., Ltd. Tokai City, Aichi Financial services 100%
Reproworld Co., Ltd. Noda City, Chiba Purchasing and selling of accident-damaged vehicles 100%
Rabbit Car Network Co., Ltd. Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Purchasing and selling of used vehicle 100%
ARBIZ Co., Ltd. Nagoya City, Aichi Recycling of end-of-life automobiles and other goods 51%
USS Logistics International Service Co., Ltd. Yokohama City, Kanagawa Used car export procedures 100%
Japan Bike Auction Co., Ltd. Yokohama City, Kanagawa Operation of motorcycle auction 66%

(As of June 1, 2016)