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Membership Information

USS auto auctions are Japan's biggest used vehicle auctions. To support nationwide distribution of used vehicles, we hold lively auctions with the keywords of "SPEED," "POWER" and "NETWORK." Please join us to expand your business chances.

The following conditions are necessary for membership application.

  • Registration in Japan (corporations)
  • You must reside in Japan, have a certified copy of residence and have a seal registration certificate.
  • You must have full-time Japanese-speaking staff.
  • At least 1 year must have elapsed since the National Public Safety Commission issued you with license to trade used vehicles.
  • You must be able to name at least 2 residents of Japan, who own property in Japan, to act as joint surety.

Documents to be appended

  • Certificate of valuation of real estate property for applicant and joint surety
  • Copy of license to trade used vehicles issued by the National Public Safety Commission
  • Photographs of business establishments, exhibition halls, signs, etc.
  • Map of the business establishment site
  • 2.5 cm x 3 cm photos of the faces of representatives and auction staff
    (Please write their names on the back)

Once you have submitted these documents, we will get in touch with you regarding the interview date.

Following inspection approval, we will send you all the contracts and regulations.

The following documentation is necessary for contracts.

* Application certificate for participation contract: 1 copy
(Private contracts should be signed by the individual and the joint surety)
* For corporations: Certified copy of commercial registration of a company, certificate of impression of corporate seal, seal registration certificate for representative and joint surety: 1 copy each
* For individuals: Seal registration certificate for both the individual and joint surety: 1 copy each
* Application deposit : 100,000 yen (Please wire the money as we cannot accept cash.)
Make a bank transfer to the following account when you receive the contract documents.

Bank transfer details
Aichi Bank Nawa branch General deposit account no.0402709
Account holder: USS Co., Ltd.

We will notify you once we have completed the above mentioned contract procedures for the site and prepared USS Car bank Net documentation, and then issue you with a membership card. Please visit the site.

Note that some time may be required to install and set up USS Car Bank Net.