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The USS Group uses the concept of materiality to establish a number of key issues concerning the economic, social and environmental impact of business operations as well as the group’s reputation among stakeholders and the demands of these stakeholders.
We use these issues as the basis for discussions with stakeholders and within the group in order to reexamine these key issues constantly.

Key issues Actions Associated actions
Ensure the fairness and reliability of automobile auctions · Properly manage data about vehicles submitted to auctions
· Prevent improper vehicle auction transactions
· Design auto auction sites that are easy to use
· Build sound relationships with members and companies that do business with the USS Group
Activities with Customers
Contributing to Local Communities and Society
Benefit from advanced technologies and increase our market share in Japan
(Responses to the decline in demand in Japan)
· Benefit from advanced technologies (self-driving vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles)
· Provide more digital services
· Increase the convenience of auto auction sites
· Measures that reflect the diversity of customers
Activities with Customers
Advancement and utilization of human resources · Respect the human rights and diversity of the USS Group’s workforce
· Ensure that employees are properly evaluated and compensated
· Upgrade and expand education and other training programs
· A strong commitment to workplace health and safety
Activities with Employees