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Financial Data

Consolidated Earnings Results
2016/3 Fiscal 2015, the Third Quarter (PDF 152KB)
Fiscal 2015, the Second Quarter (PDF 152KB)
Fiscal 2015, the First Quarter (PDF 147KB)
2015/3 Fiscal Year 2014, full-year (PDF 152KB)
Fiscal 2014, the Third Quarter (PDF 127KB)
Fiscal 2014, the Second Quarter (PDF 591KB)
Fiscal 2014, the First Quarter (PDF 171KB)
2014/3 Fiscal Year 2013, full-year (PDF 204KB)
Fiscal 2013, the Third Quarter (PDF 172KB)
Fiscal 2013, the Second Quarter (PDF 189KB)
Fiscal 2013, the First Quarter (PDF 194KB)
2013/3 Fiscal Year 2012, full-year (PDF 217KB)
Fiscal 2012, the Third Quarter (PDF 205KB)
Fiscal 2012, the Second Quarter (PDF 181KB)
Fiscal 2012, the First Quarter (PDF 149KB)
2012/3 Fiscal Year 2011, full-year (PDF 100KB)
Fiscal 2011, the Third Quarter (PDF 118KB)
Fiscal 2011, the Second Quarter (PDF 131KB)
Fiscal 2011, the First Quarter (PDF 129KB)
2011/3 Fiscal Year 2010, full-year (PDF 134KB) (revised July 1)
Fiscal 2010, the Third Quarter (PDF 144KB)
Fiscal 2010, the Second Quarter (PDF 166KB)
Fiscal 2010, the First Quarter (PDF 140KB)
2010/3 Fiscal Year 2009, full-year (PDF 104KB)
Fiscal 2009, the Third Quarter (PDF 136KB)
Fiscal 2009, the Second Quarter (PDF 92KB)
Fiscal 2009, the First Quarter (PDF 136KB)
2009/3 Fiscal Year 2008, full-year (PDF 98.6KB)
Fiscal 2008, the Third Quarter (PDF 92KB)
Fiscal 2008, the Second Quarter (PDF 96KB)
Fiscal 2008, the First Quarter (PDF 96KB)
2008/3 Fiscal Year 2007, full-year (PDF 91KB)
Fiscal 2007, mid-term (PDF 217KB)
2007/3 Fiscal Year 2006, full-year (PDF 91KB)
Fiscal 2006, mid-term (PDF 91.4KB)
2006/3 Fiscal Year 2005, full-year (PDF 157KB)
Fiscal 2005, mid-term (PDF 127KB)
2005/3 Fiscal Year 2004, full-year (PDF 106KB)
Fiscal 2004, mid-term (PDF 226KB)
2004/3 Fiscal Year 2003, full-year (PDF 105KB)
Fiscal 2003, mid-term (PDF 49.4KB)
2003/3 Fiscal Year 2002, full-year (PDF 38.3KB)
Fiscal 2002, mid-term (PDF 32.2KB)
2002/3 Fiscal Year 2001, full-year (PDF 37.1KB)
Fiscal 2001, mid-term (PDF 36.7KB)
2001/3 Fiscal Year 2000, full-year (PDF 29.1KB)
Fiscal 2000, mid-term (PDF 27.5KB)
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