Advantage of USS Auto Auction

Our members are currently nearly 50,000 companies that participate in USS auctions. We are chosen by so many companies due to our overwhelming number of auctioned vehicles, the massive amount of information we provide, our experience and knowledge in leading the industry, and our cutting-edge technology.
The USS advantage is summed up in three keywords: "SPEED," "POWER," and "NETWORK."


Vehicle inspections by professionals without compromises

Every step is completed quickly, from searching for information to delivering vehicles once the contract is signed.

  • Vehicles are evaluated based on a 10-grade scoring system, based on our own strict inspection system.
  • Vehicle information is entered into a database and can be searched in real-time.
    * Information is provided through "CIS Information Service," an Internet service for members.
  • More than 50,000 vehicles are put up for auction each week (on average). An auction lasts approximately 20 seconds per vehicle, leading up to contract completion.
  • Procedures after contract completion are processed quickly.
  • Vehicle delivery services cover the entire country.


Tokyo auction site
Tokyo auction site

We lead the used vehicle market with an overwhelming share of this market.

  • Number of consigned vehicles: 2.95 million (FY2023)
  • Number of completed contracts: 1.86 million (FY2023)
  • Total registered members: 48,490 companies (as of March 31, 2023)
  • Auto auction market share: 40.8% (from Jan.-Dec. 2022 period)


USS dedicated terminal

Our extensive national network lets our members take part in auctions from anywhere in the country.

  • USS currently operates 19 on-site auction sites nationwide, from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south.
  • We also provide the "USS JAPAN" service , which utilize dedicated terminals, and the internet-based "CIS Information Service" to connect 19 on-site auction sites and six affiliated auction sites, so that members can participate even from remote locations.