Outline of USS Auto Auction

USS is a leading company in the Japanese used vehicle industry, with a commanding share of the market. USS members can participate from any location in USS auctions held all over Japan, and can easily obtain detailed information on used vehicles. The number of USS members continues to increase every year, and now totals nearly 50,000 companies.

  • USS members can participate directly in auctions at any of 19 USS sites throughout the country, all equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.
  • USS members are also provided with service through a dedicated terminal (USS JAPAN) and Internet service (CIS Information Service) that allow them to participate in real-time auctions from their offices, homes, or anywhere else convenient.

Participation in Auctions Using Dedicated Terminals


All 19 USS sites and six affiliated sites are connected by dedicated terminals. Members only need to install a dedicated terminal to participate in auctions at on-site vehicle auction sites from their own offices.

Participation in Auctions over the Internet

CIS Information Service

Members have access to our "Internet Live" service, in which they can participate in auctions in real time at any of our 19 USS sites and six affiliated sites over the Internet from their own PCs.