Steps in a USS Auto Auction

The USS Auto Auction is held in areas all over the country, with each site bustling with many member buyers.
Once the new owner of an auctioned vehicle has been determined, all required procedures are completed within one week after the auction.

By the day before an auction

Vehicle Storage

Vehicles to be auctioned are transported to USS sites by the morning of the day prior to the auction. Vehicles are generally accepted 24 hours a day.


USS inspectors impartially evaluate vehicles in line with our 10-grade scoring system.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle photographs and inspection results are entered into a database.

Storage and Preliminary Inspections

Information on auction vehicles currently being stored can be viewed using a dedicated satellite terminal or over the Internet.

Auction day


Members can participate in auctions by submitting entries at the site.

Preliminary Search

Members can access our database using on-site terminals to check information on specific vehicles.

Preliminary Vehicle Inspections

Members can conduct preliminary inspections of auction vehicles in storage, in order to help prevent any trouble from occurring after winning the auction. Members participating using a dedicated satellite TV terminal or over the Internet can submit "on-site vehicle preliminary inspection proxy requests."


Four to 12 vehicles are auctioned simultaneously. Each vehicle is sold in about 20 seconds. Bids can be submitted directly or from another location by using dedicated satellite TV terminals or over the Internet.

Price Adjustment

Members can adjust the starting prices and winning bid amounts for vehicles they put up for auction, while assessing the situation on the day of the auction.

Four days after the auction

Taking Vehicles Out of Storage

Members can have the vehicles they have won taken out of storage.

One week after the auction


Once USS has received the winning bid fee and vehicle price from the winning bidder, listing and contract fees are subtracted from the vehicle price and then the remaining amount is paid to the seller.


USS receives the automobile inspection certificate, ownership transfer certificate, and certificate authenticating their legal seal (for Japan) from the seller, and then hands these documents over to the buyer after confirming that payment has been completed.