Types of Auto Auction

Three options are available to participate in a USS Auto Auction: on-site vehicle auctions, dedicated terminal auctions, and Internet auctions.
Being able to select from these options allows many members to participate from all over the country, resulting in a high contract completion rate. This also results in a positive cycle where higher contract completion rates encourage members to put more vehicles up for auction.

On-Site Auctions "USS Auto Auctions"

Auctions are held weekly for used vehicles brought to on-site vehicle auction sites all over the country.
A wide range of vehicles, both new and old, are auctioned at our on-site vehicle auction sites. Members can check vehicles out in person, bringing greater peace of mind to the auction process.

For more information, contact your nearest USS site

Dedicated Terminal Auctions "USS JAPAN"

Members can use a dedicated terminal to participate in auctions held at any of the 19 USS on-site vehicle auction sites or six affiliated auction sites. In addition to setting bid limits, members can also submit bids directly to the on-site vehicle auction site. Members can also obtain preliminary information on auction vehicles from their own offices, or use our "Preliminary Inspection Proxy Service" to check any areas of concern on a particular vehicle.

For more information, please contact the Internet Auction Department.

Internet Auctions "CIS Information Service"

Members have access to our "Internet Live" service, which allows them to use their own PCs to participate over the Internet in auctions in real-time at sites other than their nearest on-site vehicle auction site. They are also provided with several means of submitting bids.
Members are provided with a range of convenient functions to help ensure that auctions go smoothly, such as a search function to obtain preliminary inspection information or past market price auction information for a particular vehicle being auctioned at an on-site vehicle auction, and a function for managing vehicles they have put up for auction and vehicles they have won.

For more information, contact the CIS Support Center
TEL:+81-570-064-880 or +81-3-6748-8888