Corporate Strategy

1.We will become a diversified used car distribution organization that is widely recognized as an outstanding corporate citizen

  • We will operate fair and transparent auctions by developing and using advanced technologies.
  • We will offer the same services throughout Japan by increasing the use of the Internet and other digital channels.
  • We will protect the environment by properly disposing of end-of-life vehicles and expanding the recycling business.

2.Our organization will always be trusted by both our customers and the public in general.

  • We will offer a consistently high level of services nationwide by continually upgrading the quality of auction operations.
  • We will restructure our IT management framework and reinforce information security, including measures to deal with natural disasters.

3.We will leverage all of our strengths and knowhow to adapt to ongoing changes in our markets.

  • We will increase interaction among our group companies in order to respond to changes in our operating environment.
  • We will establish new ties with a wide range of companies, with an emphasis on our core used car auction business.
  • We will also launch new businesses to diversify our revenue streams.

4.We will build a team of self-reliant individuals who can continue to support and manage the USS Group's growth for decades to come.

  • We will establish a new personnel system that encourages people to become more self-reliant.
  • We will strengthen employee education and training programs to give our staff the skills to become managers.

5.We will always incorporate the interests of our shareholders in our operations and decision-making.

  • We will continue to consider earnings distributions to shareholders as one of our highest priorities.
  • As a basic policy, we will maintain a consolidated dividend payout ratio of at least 55%.