Directors and Executive Officers

About Director & supervisory board members, and executive officers.

Chairman and Representative Director,
Chief Executive Officer
Yukihiro Ando
President and Representative Director,
Chief Operating Officer
Dai Seta
Executive Vice President Masafumi Yamanaka Officer of the Supervisory Office
Junior Managing Director Hiromitsu Ikeda Officer of the Auction Operation Office
Director Hitoshi Tamura (Outside)
Director Akihiko Kato (Outside)
Director Nobuko Takagi (Outside)
Full-time Corporate Auditor Kenichi Goto (Outside)
Corporate Auditor Keiji Miyake (Outside)
Corporate Auditor Jun Ogawa (Outside)
Executive Officer
Executive Officer Yukiyasu Sugata Manager of Sapporo Auction Site
Executive Officer Hiroshi Kojima In charge of the System Office

(As of April 1, 2022)