Privacy Policy

[1] Personal Information Protection Policy

USS Co., Ltd. and other members of the USS Group ("the Company" hereafter) hold personal information for the purpose of satisfying customers by supplying products and services that are convenient and useful. The Company has established the following personal information protection policy in order to protect personal information from leaks, losses, unauthorized alterations and other risks. The Company takes all necessary and proper actions that are required to protect the personal information of its customers.

  1. Personal information is managed properly in accordance with laws, regulations, rules and other guidelines concerning personal information.
  2. There are rules concerning the acquisition, use, provision and other handling of personal information and measures to ensure that all executives and employees strictly comply with these rules.
  3. When personal information is received, the purposes of receiving this information are provided and the information is used solely as needed for these purposes. There are clearly defined measures to prevent the use of personal information for any other reason.
  4. When outsourcing tasks involving personal information, these tasks are supervised appropriately to ensure the safety of this information.
  5. For personal information held by the Company (including for outsourced tasks), there are proper and reasonable safety management measures. Preventive measures and corrective measures are used regarding leaks, losses, unauthorized alterations and other problems involving personal information.
  6. The Company is constantly reviewing its management system and activities for the protection of personal information and working on improvements.
  7. All complaints and requests for consultations concerning the handling of personal information will be handled promptly and in a sincere and appropriate manner.

Contact for inquiries about personal information management (including the Personal Information Protection Policy) at the USS Group

General Affairs Dept., Corporate Administration Division USS Co., Ltd.
507-20 Shinpo-machi, Tokai, Aichi Prefecture
Tel: +81-52-689-1129

Established: March 29, 2005
Revised: February 7, 2022
USS Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director, Chief Operating Officer: Dai Seta

[2] Method for Obtaining Personal Information

When obtaining personal information, the Company will collect this information in a legal and fair manner, stating the purpose for obtaining this information and receiving only information required for this purpose. When inquiries are received from customers, recordings will be made to confirm the contents of conversations. In addition, the Company uses a telephone number display in order to call customers back.

[3] Categories of Personal Information and Use

The Company obtains personal information only as required for the following purposes. This information will not be used in any way other than for the stated purpose or provided to a third party unless the customer has given prior consent (including contracts) or as permitted by laws and regulations.
In addition, we may change the purpose of use of personal information to the extent that it is reasonably recognized as having relevance to the following purposes. If the purpose of use is changed, we will contact you or announce the changed purpose of use on our website.

Categories of personal information receivedPurpose
Information (including revised information that the Company obtains from customers, etc.) that customers (including guarantors of auction members and other related parties) enter in the Company's application forms, contracts, reception forms, questionnaires and other documents For the operation of Auction Site Locations and the provision of all services associated with the operation of auctions For the operation of an organization for members (CIS) using the Internet and the provision of CIS services For events, campaigns and questionnaires
Information concerning business partners For the oversight of business partners and sales activities
Information concerning shareholders To hold shareholders meetings and other meetings for shareholders, send business reports, shareholder gift cards and other items, and perform other operations involving shareholders
Information in customer inquiries To provide quick and accurate responses to inquiries
Information received from the Company's Web site information request form and IR information e-mail service registration form To send materials as requested and conduct the e-mail service
Information concerning job applicants For the selection of applicants to hire and notification of job applicants of employment decisions
Call Recording To confirm the contents of inquiries and improve service quality

[4] Joint Use of Information with Other Companies

Personal information collected by the Company shall be used as stated below and within the limits necessary for achieving the above purposes.

Jointly used personal information ① Membership numbers, names, addresses, e-mail addresses, age and date of birth, gender, questionnaire responses, company names, company addresses, telephone and fax numbers, bank account numbers and other information (including revised information that the Company obtains from customers, etc.) ① Membership numbers, names, company/trade names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, bank account numbers, late payment information, registration number of the qualified invoice issuer, and items provided to the Company when a membership application or notification of membership termination is submitted ① Names, company/trade names, addresses, information about direct involvement in altering vehicle odometers, late payment information, membership cancelation penalty, bankruptcy information, violations of the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act, and information about anti-social activities
② Auction transaction data
③ Information concerning contracts between customers and the Company and transactions with customers
④ Information concerning customer inquiries
⑤ Information received from the Web site information request form
Companies included in joint use US Butsuryu Co., Ltd.
USS Support Service Co., Ltd.
JU Gifu Hashima Auto Auction, Inc., Japan Used Car Dealers Federation Aichi, BAYAUC Co., Ltd., Zip Co., Ltd., Japan Used Car Dealers Federation Hiroshima Nippon Auto Auction Association and its participating auction sites (information about participating auction sites is on the association's website (
Purpose of use For the operation of Auction Site Locations and the provision of all services associated with the operation of auctions For the operation of the organization for members (CIS) using the Internet and the provision of CIS services For events, campaigns and questionnaires For the provision of prompt and accurate responses to inquiries from customers For the operation of alliance partner auctions and group companies of these partners
  • For the efficient operation of auctions with no difficulties
Manager of personal information Mr. Dai Seta
President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)
USS Ltd.
Mr. Juichi Arai
Nippon Auto Auction Association
20-20, Shinpomachi, Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture KN Building, 3F, 3-2-14 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Nihonbashi

[5] Actions for protecting personal information

In order to handle personal information more meticulously, we have established internal rules based on our JIS Q 15001 compliant personal information protection management policy. We operate our personal information protection management system after comprehending the external environment. In addition, when handling personal information, we take precautions from the standpoint of four factors: organizational, as well as human, physical, and technical.

1. Organizational safety measures

  • We have appointed a personal information manager, assigned employees authorized to access personal information, defined the scope of personal information authorized to be accessed by individual employees, and established a system for reporting to the personal information manager.
  • We conduct self-assessment and audit by the Audit Department

2. Human safety management measures

  • We hold regular training sessions for all employees regarding important issues involved in the handling of personal information.
  • We 0btain a pledge from all employees regarding the confidentiality of personal information

3. Physical safety management measures

  • Entry / exit management and restrictions on equipment brought in
  • Introduced measures to prevent unauthorized employees from accessing personal information
  • Implemented measures such as locking to prevent theft or loss of devices, electronic media, documents, etc. that carry personal information

4. Technical measures for safe management of personal information

  • Appointed a personal information manager, defined the scope of access to the personal information data base through access control.
  • Introduced a mechanism to protect information systems that handle personal information from unauthorized access or software from external sources.

[6] Google Analytics

Certain services to be provided on the Company's website utilize Google Analytics (provided by Google Inc.) for the purpose of collecting and analyzing data concerning service users. Analysis may be carried out using "cookie" text files that are generated through these measurements, and some types of user information such as IP addresses may be collected by Google Inc. during the analysis. However, information that will be acquired through the use of such service will be limited to information which cannot be used to identify individuals, and no personally identifiable information will be acquired by a third party without the consent of the application user. For details concerning the handling of information to be so acquired through the use of such service, please refer to the linked web sites below.

How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps: Google Privacy and Terms:

[7] Disclosure, Corrections, etc. of Customer Information

  1. A person or his representative may request information on the purpose of use, disclosure, alteration of content, addition or deletion, suspension of use, erasure, suspension of provision to third parties, and record of provision to third parties of his personal information held by the Company.
  2. Regarding disclosure, etc. stipulated in the preceding paragraph, we will, in principle, follow the method of communication specified by the individual or his representative. (However, if it is difficult to conform with the requested communication method, we will reply in writing. In the event of non-compliance, we shall disclose the reason behind the same.

◆Procedures for filing requests for disclosure of information, etc.

⑴ Contact point for inquiries

See Section "(1) Personal Information Protection Policy" for details on procedures for requesting disclosure regarding the USS Group's personal information management (including personal information protection policy).

⑵ Documents to be submitted for requests for disclosure, etc. and format for requests for other disclosures.

Please mail the following documents to our contact address for requests regarding USS Groups' personal information management policy (including personal information protection policy). We accept requests for disclosure, etc. by mail only (direct visits, and requests by e-mail, fax, etc. shall not be entertained). We respond promptly to all requests.

a) Application form prescribed by USS

b) Personal identity verification documents

 1) When the request is being made by the person himself

  • Official certificate (copy)

 2) When the request is being made by a representative

  • All applicable documents from the following
(a) Documents confirming the right of legal representation i. Legal representative
A copy of the family register and other documents certifying the right of representation
ii. Request by proxy (all of the following documents)
・"Power of attorney" in a format designated by USS
 * A seal stamped with the registered seal of the person
・A certificate of seal registration
(b) Documents confirming the identity of the representative
  • Representative's official certificate (copy)
(c) Applicant's Identity verification documents
  • Person's official certificate (copy)

* Official certificate: A or B.

A. One of the following B Two or more of the following
Driver's License, Driving History Certificate, Passport, My Number Card (only the side with name and photo), Physical Disability handbook, Mental Illness, Health and Welfare Handbook, Rehabilitation Handbook, Alien Registration Card, Special Permanent Resident certificate National Health Insurance Card, Copy of Resident Registration Card, Certificate of Residence, Pension Handbook, Certificate of Coverage for Late-stage Medical Care for the Elderly or Long-term Care Insurance, National Public Employee Mutual Aid association or Local Public Employee Mutual Aid Association Certificate, Certificate of membership in the Private School Teachers' Mutual Aid System, Certificate of Child Support Allowance, Certificate of Special Child Support Allowance

* The identity verification documents presented will be used as follows.

  • This personal information will be used to reply to requests for information, etc. from the individual.
  • Please make sure that any sensitive personal information that is not necessary for identity verification is made illegible by blacking it out or other means.
  • Except as required by law, USS shall not provide this personal information to a third party without the consent of the individual. In addition, USS will not outsource the handling of this personal information
  • For further details on the handling of personal information, please see our website below.

c) Fees

 For "notification of purpose of use", "disclosure", and "request for records regarding provision to third parties", a fee of 1,000 yen will be charged for each application. Please enclose 1,000 yen worth of postal exchange along with the above documents.
The following fees will be charged for "notification of purpose of use", "disclosure", and "request for records regarding provision to third parties." 1,000 yen per request (Please send 1,000 yen worth of postal exchange together with the request documents.)
As mentioned above, if the fee is not enclosed, we will contact you to that effect. If you do not pay within the specified time limit, we will assume that you have not requested disclosure etc. In principle, the submitted documents will not be returned.


  • USS shall not responsible for documents lost in the mail or during delivery, or not received due to accident.
  • Please fill in all the required items. Incomplete documents may be returned.
  • USS may not be able to respond to requests for disclosure, etc., in the event the disclosure falls under the exception provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law.
  • Depending on the nature of the request, it may take some time to respond.
  • Personal information collected in response to a request for disclosure, etc. shall be handled only to the extent necessary for the request for disclosure, etc. We will properly dispose of the submitted documents.
  • Please note in advance that due to "correction, etc." or "suspension of use, etc.", the corresponding service may not be available.

[8] Handling of Shareholder Information

The Company handles shareholder information properly in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, Corporation Law, other laws and regulations, and the Company's internal rules. All inquiries concerning shareholder information should be submitted to the Company's transfer agent Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited.

[9] Company handling personal information

USS Co., Ltd.
20-20, Shinpomachi, Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture
President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Dai Seta

[10] Personal Information Manager

Executive Vice President, Officer, Supervisory Office
507-20 Shinpo-machi, Tokai-shi, Aichi Prefecture
Tel: +81-52-689-1129