Business domains

USS continues to bring vitality to the used vehicle distribution market, based on its core business of auto auctions.

Auto auction business

USS has established 19 auction sites throughout Japan sinceopening the USS Nagoya Auto Auction in 1982. Each of thesevenues has steadily grown its membership base to becomethe leading auction in its respective territory. We have alsoprepared satellite TV and internet auctions as two channels tooffer members ways to bid on vehicles from off-site locations.These innovations have fostered growth that has made us anindustry leader in the number of auction sites, members, andconsigned vehicles. All of our auction sites will always supporttrouble-free circulation of used vehicles.

Business model

Used vehicle purchasing and selling business

As a network of stores specializing in used car purchases,the Rabbit Car Network provides the supply of quality usedvehicles indispensable to USS auto auction. These usedvehicles purchased directly from the owners through thisnationwide network of stores and put up for auction by USSattract a tremendous number of buyers. This process hascreated a favorable cycle increasing the number of vehiclesoffered and sold at auction. The Rabbit Car Network alsoanalyzes the latest market value and purchases vehicles forauction at the highest possible price. This not only ensuresquality vehicles for auction but also helps the USS Groupacquire an even greater share of the auto auction market.

Business model

Recycling business

ARBIZ has been disassembling and recycling automobiles,office equipment, electronics, and various other waste sinceits founding in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2004. In thefiscal year ended March 2020, ARBIZ launched SMART as awaste disposal contractor for industrial equipment andplants. Its services handle everything from plant demolitionand equipment removal to the resale and recycling ofobsolete machinery and equipment. SMART is able to recyclemetals, plastics, and other composite materials that aredifficult to process. These capabilities help realize a circularsociety by encouraging machinery and equipment recycling.

Business model