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About USS Auto Auction

Advantage of USS Auto Auction

Our vehicle auctions are only open to members, usually corporations, and every year more companies sign up to participate. The reasons for this increasing popularity are clear: we have a huge number of vehicle consignments and we provide members with exhaustive data on the vehicles themselves.
Our success is largely due to our long history and extensive know-how about the on-site auction business combined with our willingness to use the latest digital technology.
We sum up the USS advantage with three words:

  • We value our members’ time, so we move the entire process along quickly, from researching vehicles prior to bidding to delivering them once contracts have been completed.

    • First, we assess all vehicles being put up for auction using our own very strict inspection system, then we give them an impartial score using our 10-grade scoring system.
    • That detailed information is then entered into a database and provided to our members through the "CIS Information Service” online system so that members can research specific vehicles in real time.
    • On average, more than 50,000 vehicles are put up for auction every week, providing a major opportunity for red tape and slow processing. Instead, we manage to complete most contracts in roughly 20 seconds per vehicle — and keep up that pace all day long.
    • Once contracts have been completed, the paperwork and other necessary steps are taken quickly. Our members appreciate that we are not wasting their valuable time.
    • Once the deal is done, purchased vehicles are quickly transported to any location in the country via USS's logistics service.
  • Strictly checked without compromise by professionals

    Strictly checked without compromise by professionals

  • We lead the used vehicle market with an overwhelming share of this market.

    • Number of vehicle consignments: 2.66 million (as of March 2021)
    • Number of completed contracts: 1.68 million (as of March 2021)
    • Total registered members: 48,058 companies (as of March 2021)
    • Market share: 37.7% (2020.01-12)
  • Tokyo auction site

  • Our extensive national network lets our members take part in auctions from anywhere in the country.

    • USS currently operates 19 on-site auction locations nationwide, from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south.
    • We also provide a "Globe Network" service to connect those 19 on-site auctions via a live satellite link to 6 affiliated auction sites, bringing the auction experience closer to even more members.
    • In addition, we operate an "Internet Live" online service to connect our on-site auctions to anyone with a computer.
  • USS satelite TV terminal