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Auction Site Facilities

  • ScreensThe vehicles up for auction are displayed on large screens one after another. The screens are located in each corner of the auction site, and arranged according to car model. Bids can be placed on vehicles in about 20 seconds.
  • E-CASTMembers arriving at the auction site will first enter E-CAST, a place where they can obtain a list of the vehicles put up for auction by each member, or print out price limit registration slips of each member. Members can use their membership cards when they leave the auction site to print out a temporary statement of accounts or a vehicle confirmation letter/slip for taking vehicles out of storage. Gift vouchers for special events can also be issued.
  • Members' MonitorMembers' Monitor, a state-of-the-art bidding device, is provided on each seat. It can be used to make seat reservations, make preliminary inspections of vehicles, register price limits and display the trading results of each member.
  • Multi-level stock yardAn all-weather stock house directly connected to the auction hall enables members to speedily and comfortably inspect the vehicles on offer.
  • SeatingOur Auction Site Locations have spacious, comfortable seating so that our customers do not get tired, even if they remain seated for a long time.
  • Sellers waiting roomOur members who are putting up vehicles for auction can use this room to take in the atmosphere of the auctions held that day or adjust the actual selling prices.
  • Members loungeThis is a multi-purpose area for visitors to the auction site. Members can exchange information with one another or take breaks.