Environmental Management

Basic approach and environmental system

As a leading company in the auto auction market, the USS Group contributes to the reuse of vehicles by encouraging circular use of automobiles. USS is putting emphasis on its recycling business, which disassembles, sorts, and reclaims any resources from vehicles and plants for reuse and recycling. Through these efforts, we hope to help build a circular economy.
Our environmental policy actively strives to reduce the environmental burden of our business activities as much as possible. These efforts include saving energy at offices and other business sites. USS Group member ARBIZ, which operates a recycling business for vehicles and other items, has established its own Integrated Policy on the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety. This company has received ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system, which is operated under the oversight of its Environment and Safety Secretariat. One aspect of this system is maintaining close ties with government agencies in order to comply with the frequent revisions to laws and regulations in Japan concerning recycling.

Five-point environmental policy

  1. Conduct environmental management and comply with laws and regulations.
  2. Take climate-related action in accordance with the TCFD recommendations.
  3. Contribute to resource recycling through automotive recycling and other initiatives.
  4. Disclose information about targets for environmental impact reductions.
  5. Provide environmental education for all employees and conduct environmental impact reduction programs.

Compliance with environmental laws and other regulations

The USS Group is strongly committed to strict compliance with environmental laws and other regulations. We did not have any violations or legal disputes related to environmental laws, regulations, ordnances, or other guidelines in the year ended March 31, 2023. There were also no serious environmental incidents, complaints, or reports.