Activities with Customers

Basic Stance

Automobile auctions are transactions between members who consign vehicles and members who submit bids for vehicles. Successfully operating these auctions requires the ability to provide member companies with a place where it is easy to do business. This is one of our most important obligations.
We are also well aware that the used vehicles purchased at our auctions are ultimately sold to an end user. To ensure that end users can buy and use these vehicles with confidence, USS must accurately inspect vehicles that are auctioned and maintain a framework for selling all vehicles at a suitable price.
USS will remain a leader of the used car distribution industry and use many activities in order to create and maintain a market infrastructure that can be trusted by member companies as well as individuals who buy used cars.

Ensure the fairness and reliability of auto auctions

Responsible management of vehicle data

To evaluate automobiles to be auctioned, we have a 10-step scoring system that uses our own rigorous inspection standards. At all our auction sites, inspections are performed by individuals who have completed the strict USS certification process. Inspection results are entered in a database to allow members to perform searches to view real-time information. USS employees carry out all of these inspections.

Odometer inspection and control system

The used vehicle market has had issues of odometer tampering, which has lost the confidence and trust of car buyers. USS has employed an approach since its founding that strives to eliminate these types of fraud. Illegal practices such as tampering with odometers led to the creation of the Nippon Auto Auction Association in 2001 and its odometer and inspection control system.
This system aggregates vehicle VIN numbers and mileage in a database for vehicles up for auction at auto auctions throughout Japan. By comparing the automobiles up for auction against this database, auto auctions can of course identify any odometer tampering and also verify a history of any flooding and repairs.

Prevention of illicit transactions

USS has succeeded in operating auto auctions that always offer people a fair and equal standing since its launch. We strictly control these auto auctions via various proprietary monitoring and other systems to prevent any auctions unjustily overriding a winning bid, which ensures proper business transactions.

Proper management of member information

All participants in USS used car auctions are registered members and many are businesses that sell used cars. Since the information provided by members includes personal information, we handle this information very carefully in accordance with our personal information protection policy. In March 2022, JIPDEC granted USS license to use the PrivacyMark as a business operator. USS also holds regular training sessions to teach all employees how to properly handle sensitive personal information.
ARBIZ also acquired the ISO 27001 information security management system certification in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012. Since its initial certification, the Company has maintained this certification for twelve-consecutive years through the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023. There were no issues with inappropriate handling of personal information during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023.

Greater convenience at auto auctions

Building welcoming auction sites

USS members can participate directly in on-site auctions USS Auto Auctions at any of 19 USS sites throughout the country, also can use the Satellite Auctions "USS JAPAN" to participate via a satellite TV link or use the USS Internet Live service to submit bids via the Internet. USS auction sites hold on-site auctions once every week. These events allow members to inspect vehicles themselves prior to submitting bids.

Communication with USS members

Each auto auction site provides a wide range of information to members. Our members rave about our services for taking the chance to provide information according to their needs as an opportunity to help resolve business concerns and difficulties.

Appealing auto auction sites

USS auto auction sites categorize sections for auctions by the type of used vehicle and price range. For example, an area dedicated to hybrid, EV and other eco-automobile auctions gives members an easy way to auction and bid on various eco-vehicles. These types of auctions responding to changes in the market also help differentiate USS from its competitors.
Members who take part in these events can also choose a gift from local specialty products or one that helps support the reconstruction of disaster-afflicted areas. This is one of many initiatives that strives to enhance member satisfaction. These gifts are even sent to members who request them on occasion.

Need-driven adoption of equipment and systems

USS always strives to ensure smooth transactions. We accept the inspection and registered seal certificates, proof of transfers, and other various documentation necessary to transfer the title of a vehicle during an auction. USS also verifies the payments for vehicles.
USS is also currently in the process of rebuilding and renovating its old auction sites. The construction and renewals are not only focusing on the building itself but also the tables, chairs, and the rest of the interior design. Every aspect is intended to transform the old venue into a more accommodating and welcoming auto auction site.
Members who visit each USS auto auction of course come to bid on a vehicle. However, many also have a need for an informational exchange with other members. USS has set up couch and café spaces to facilitate this type of open communication. Moreover, our restaurants serve food free of charge to accommodate the many members who spend a long period of time at our auction sites. USS has even set up a massage and other relaxation facilities.

Member claim processing

USS has established a mediation and arbitration system to handle any claims brought by successful bidders.
We built this claim management system to share more information throughout the company to quickly address any claims. Our system aggregates information in a database from details about the complaint and the representative handling the issue to the time it took to resolve a matter. We are then able to use this data to response to any similar claims that arise. As an initiative capitalizing on data, USS analyzes the circumstances of claims related to each inspector to enhance the skills of every inspector.

Respect for human rights

The USS Code of Conduct and Ethics prohibits discrimination among the USS Group's workforce based on race, ethnicity, nationality, beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and other personal characteristics. We also have a firm commitment to serving members equally regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and other personal characteristics. For example, there are auction sites that serve food for Muslims and have a Muslim prayer room. We have many other measures that reflect the cultural needs and preferences of members of various backgrounds so they can participate in auctions.