Contributing to Local Communities and Society

Basic Stance

In accordance with our management philosophy of "Contributing to Local Communities and Society" and as a good corporate citizen, we aim to actively engage with local communities and contribute to the promotion and development of the region.
The presence of our auto auction sites in the areas in which we operate will enable the efficient reuse and recycling of cars, leading to the revitalization of used-car-related businesses and expansion of business opportunities. In addition, by creating employment in these areas and fulfilling our duty of making tax payments to the local government, we believe that we can contribute to the promotion of the area so as to achieve co-existence and co-prosperity.

Initiatives at Our Auto Auction Sites

Consideration of the local area in our site management

Since our auto auction sites are huge facilities, we have a strategy in place of securing sites in industrial areas for their construction, and we also take great care and consideration to ensure that the construction of the sites will affect the lives of local residents as little as possible. Given that there are large numbers of visitors to, and significant volumes of large-sized car transporter vehicle traffic at, our sites, we are also engaged in making every effort to prevent accidents occurring.
Whenever we receive any comments or suggestions from local residents, we take them all very seriously and strive to make whatever improvements we can to the utmost of our ability. We aim to respond in accordance with the specific situation of each site and to create sites that are trusted by everyone in the surrounding area.

Providing site facilities for shelters during disasters

In response to a request from local government, we have entered into a disaster agreement that allows the multilevel parking lots at some of our auto auction sites to be used as evacuation site facilities in the event of a disaster occurring.

Contribution to Economic Activities of Developing and Emerging Countries

A certain number of the used cars handled by the USS Group are exported to developing and emerging countries to be used locally. In developing countries and emerging countries where economic growth is rapid, the need for used cars is high, and the quality of used cars in Japan is particularly highly appreciated.
As the used cars handled by our company are evaluated one by one by means of a strict inspection process, we believe that we can provide safety and security even to such export destinations.

Participation in Local Activities

The USS Group cooperates with local companies wherever our auto auction sites or other business bases are located, and actively participates in discussions and clean-up activities to help create better communities.
In addition, we cooperate with events held by local neighborhood associations and local festivals, etc., to deepen our relationship with local people.