Consolidated Forecast

In Japan, new car sales are likely to stagnate because of global shortage of semiconductors and delay in supply of automobile components, and as a result, the number of consigned vehicles is also expected to be affected. In consideration of the above factors, we have revised our current fiscal year forecast for consigned vehicles.

While the demand for used cars is strong, the number of consigned vehicles is likely to decrease. We have, however, not revised our earnings forecast as the contract completed rate is high, and the successful bid fee per vehicle is higher than expected.

(Million yen)

FY3/20 (Actual) FY3/21 (Actual) FY3/22 (Forecast) VS. previous year
Net sales 78,143 74,874 77,600 103.6%
Operating profit 36,009 36,227 38,400 106.0%
Ordinary profit 36,710 36,996 39,100 105.7%
Profit attributable to
owners of parent
20,634 4,022 26,500 658.8%
Profit per share (Yen) 82.44 16.13 106.26 658.8%
Auto Auction Business
(excl. JBA)
VS. previous
No. of vehicles consigned
2,924 2,661 2,680 100.7%
No. of vehicles contracted
1,772 1,680 1,720 102.3%
Contract completion rate 60.6% 63.2% 64.2% -