In order to maintain the stability of dividends and the appropriate distribution of earnings to shareholders, USS has established a consolidated dividend payout ratio target as a policy for paying a dividend that reflects results of operations. Currently, the basic policy is to pay a dividend that results in a consolidated payout ratio of at least 55%.

Dividend Per Share (Yen)

2nd Quarter end Year-end Total
FY2024(forecast) 20.1 20.1 40.2
FY2023 17.35(34.7) 20.35(40.7)(plan) 37.7(75.4) (plan)
FY2022 16.85(33.7) 16.9(33.8) 33.75(67.5)
FY2021 14.6(29.2) 18.5(37.0) 33.1(66.2)

*There was a 2-for-1 split of common stock on April 1, 2024. Dividends per share in this presentation have been adjusted to reflect this stock split.
*Dividends in parentheses are the amounts before adjustments for the stock split.